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Gaining some insight😇


 Want to know how to walk in your purpose? Want to develop the mentality of being optimistic? Among other amazing things… Well, you are definitely at the right place, at the right time! A warm welcome.

  It will please some of you to know that I almost entitled this article “Am I that alien or am I just a melanin beauty!?” It will please the rest of you to know that I realize that not everyone spends their time being crazy about walking in their purpose and standing with and for others as I do.

  My readers, pop quiz, which of these do u agree with?           

  1. Intelligence is fixed at birth.
  2. Some persons are creative, others aren’t. 
  3. You can become a world class expert through enough practice,whatever your starting point. 
  4. You can change your personality.  

  That’s an excerpt from How to Change Your Mindset For Growth by Ali  Luke.  If you agreed with the first two statements, you are coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the second two, have a growth mindset!

    Your purpose in life is not fully about you! Fear hinders you from finding your purpose and walking in it. Just going to church is not finding your purpose in life. My people, your purpose in life requires wholeheartedness.

    At one point during my life, I reached a point of suicide. Yes, the dreaded S word. Reflecting, I don’t take it as an anchor. I look at it as an opportunity for growth. 

  Do you believe persons sound smarter when they use big words or even “twang”? Personally, I don’t. 

   Usually, I mentor a lot of persons. Yes! Me… Yes. Funny being that I may need help my self. Haha. But I believe that with God all things are possible. In addition, in high school,I was a trained peer counselor. I usually give very good advice if not the best ones.

   This blog is mainly fixed at Women walking in their purpose. Women being that phenomenal woman they were called to be! However I will be publishing on a host of other things. Some even focused at both men and women. As a young woman who was born, raised and resides in the Caribbean I get to observe and become aware of certain dynamics. I hope you all will enjoy this journey as much as I will! Not only that, I give my word to try my very best to upload ever so often! 🙂

  Did you enjoy this article? Learnt anything? Have any suggestions as to what I should publish next? Whatever your thoughts are… Feel free to let me know in the comments:) 

Author: Women Of Purpose

Phenomenal Women

47 thoughts on “ First Blog”

  1. Well written. It’s best to have a growth mindset because culture and norms changes so you need to be flexible and open towards changes to survive in this world. That doesn’t mean u have to accept everything but at least acknowledge the change/growth, so therefore a fixed mindset may hinder your purpose or ikagai.

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  2. Wow it’s great! Not my kind of blog, i mean i wouldn’t read it if i would see it somewhere. But your article is really inspiring and kinda real. Thank you 😊

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  3. I really enjoy an also appreciate the main fact of how presentable this is….actual with these powerful points which where establish in the sight of the readers displayed a wonderful tasking and evening the way in which one should respond to…….keep up the good works it was well put together

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  4. Inspiring and surprising but true for the most part some of it is biased by opinion but it is inspiring and I feel a great many will find inspiration in it

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  5. This is great, such boldness and real. I hope you continue because I would love to hear more about how you have overcome your negative situations and grown into this Phenomenal woman, also to know that you have brought God along your path makes you even more of an PHENOMENAL WOMAN you go girl

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    1. Indeed. I’m glad u are anticipating more of my post and I won’t disappoint u. God and a Phenomenal woman goes hand In hand. Can’t do nthg without God. Thanks much Mel. Much appreciated!☺💞


  6. I agree with number 2,not evry person are creative because of their lock of interest in a particular genre or things.
    Secondly I don’t agree with number 4, about personality being change because personality come from genetic and inheritance of social well being alson environment.

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    1. Hi Kevon☺ I do understand and respect your point of view. Sometimes a person’s personality didn’t really change even tho I believe it can. Sometimes what happens is that person was either pretending or putting up a barrier. Thanks much for your feedback☺


  7. I think you are correct more then you know, and church is Fantastic, and having that core value i suppose, like a moral compass when the going gets tuff. Also some are creative i believe in almost any setting they will find a way to flurish, like that rose you see pushing up thew the side walk some how. Others need that Perverbal Garden or setting to do well in, They just need to find what that setting is. Male or Female, as you said it is applicable both ways…but for the topic of womens reading matreals…and not some obsure feminist or radical veiw in any direction, i believe a good topic would be about the Ladies of this eara and so on…What have we done to them…What has Socitey done …time to walk in your pupose i think so….no the main streem agenda by any means..i wish you the best of Luck and God Bless. .ps give me extra points for every miss spelled word 🙂

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    1. I’m glad we are on one accord. Ofc church is fantastic and it is sometimes if not often the back bone. U gave a very good example and I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and do a post about what has society morphed our women into so to speak. Its definitely time to walk in your purpose yes. Thank u so much. My first male who commented☺ Thanks again and may God bless u too. I gave u triple points @ that. Thanks Leonard.


  8. Amazing Testimony VERY MOVING, only god will help you with your troubles, i love your blog it is very empowering, you have an amazing journey and i thank you for letting me read this 🙂 much love & peace 🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼

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    1. Indeed! God is able sweet heart. I’m glad u love it and found it to be EMPOWERING. I look forward to the journey and your most welcome. All the best in all u do Christina. Appreciated💕😇


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